Album Cover

Febuary, 2023


**I origonally designed this album cover for my friend, Kenny, but he never used it. Maybe it'll be put to good use someday.**
Anyways, this design was inspired by the statue of michelangelo, which is used in a lot of artwork. I thought it was cool so i could base an album cover type design around it, which i have not see before.


First, I found a model of the statue of michelangelo with part of his skull exposed on From there i brought it into blender, remeshed it so it worked better with my scene, made a porcilin-based material, and applied it to the model.
Next, I found a model of general-style sunglasses and brought them in as well. I changed the material om them to so they were slightly transparent, like real sunglasses.
After that, i added a few lights and the joint in michelangelos mouth and then i had to do a smoke simulation inside blender so it looked like the joint was lit. I had not done a smoke simulation before so i played around with it in blender a bit before watching a few videos on how to properly do a smoke sim and once i did that i figured it out and it worked pretty well.

The message of this peice is a little more complicated than it might seem on the surface. It symbolizes resurection, because the statue of michelangelo is getting 'high', and with that he is floating up into another relm from earth, which is why he is white like heaven or higher relms.

Post-project thoughts:

This was cool. Im pretty happy with the results, this was not too hard to do. The only difficult part wouldve been the smoke simulation, which i had to learn how to do but once i had it figured out it was a breeze.