Bathroom vent:

July, 2022


My dad remodeled our downstairs bathroom, and with this he needed a new cover for the exhaust fan and asked me to print one. The design was inspired by the Apple's 'cheese grator' design for the vent on the Mac pro.


I first searched on 3d model websites for a model similar to the apple cheese grator design, and i found one. The only issue with this however was that it was in the SCAD file type pertaining to the OpenSCAD software, so i had to learn how to use it. this did not prove to be difficult as it was very similar to other CAD softwares i had used in the past and there were plenty of toutorials on how to use it that helped too.
Furthermore, this software allowed users to parametriclly alter their models, meaning that a user could input a dimensional constraint for a certian parameter on the model, and it would fit that constraint. Its really neat, and it allowed me to perfectly fit the model to the exact dimensions of the exhaust fan cover housing.

After I finished adjusting the model in OpenSCAD, i brought it into prusaslicer to slice it and i discovered that it was too big for my printer. To combat this I split the print into two peicees, printed them seperatly, and glued them together.

Post-project thoughts:

If i was going to change anything about this project, i would probably change the thickness of the boarder. Other than that, its a functional print that also looks good so im happy with it.