Hackathon project

November, 2022


Me and my friend, Alex, participated in a hackathon at Mizzou university in November. It was a 2 day event over the weekend. The prompt or topic for the event was "transportation" and contestents could create a project based around competition. There were in person and online participants all of which totaled about 500 people.


Honestly, I did no coding. I had no exsperiance in C#, which is what the Unity game engine runs on, so Alex took care of all the coding. So while Alex was coding and making all the back end work, i was working on the 3d assets and the front end. They look okay, nothing spectacular, and if i knew c# and we had another laptop, we definently couldve finished this and been a stronger contender.

Post-project thoughts:

Looking back on this, we shouldve had a game plan going into this competition, which we didnt. If we had that, we also couldve spent more time coding and less time coming up with ideas. Thats one thing we'll change going into this years competition, but we also shouldve picked a project where we could contribute equally. I also have the whole summer and fall to get better at coding and practice more so im ready.

It was a really fun exsperiance as we had a lot of fun, we slept over, and food was provided too. Even though our project was half finished, we still submitted it. As you might expect, it didnt win, but thats okay. The main thing to take home from this was the exsperiance participating in a competion and having fun with friends. It was also really cool to meet the venders and sponsors for the competiton and be around collage kids (we were the only highschoolers).