Art project 2

January, 2023


This is the first art peice i submitted to my highschools art magizine, the Hickman Review. This peice got in. I also worked a lot longer on this peice in contrast to my other peice where it was a last minute submission and i finished it in a single night.
Anyways, this peice was inspired by another youtube video where you can blockify a model or object. So i decided to blockify one of my previous models, the 4d quaterion becuase i thought that would look cool. (and it did!)


Their is a modifier that i made and then applied to the 4d quaterion model i had made previously. The modifier essentially maps all the points of the object and aproproximate their distance to each other and turn those into blocks.

You can control the resolution of the blocks too, like how small or big they are, but for this i decided that this scale of blocks preserved some of the origional quaterions resolution, as well as saving on some render time too becuase if it was too fine of a resolution it wouldve taken forever to render. I also made this modifier myself, which wasnt too complicated.

Another important step of this project is the actual material of the model. i decided to make each block into a minecraft-inspired glass block so it was semi-transparent and it would look really cool with the right lighting, which i think it does.

Post-project thoughts:

This was really cool to do, and even cooler that it got into the Hickman Review! I think that everything went smoothly, and as of right now, i dont think there are any improvments in couldve made on this project, and if i was to learn anything about this, id say that this, like the lego lamborgini project, was a good aplication of my skills in blender and thats how i was able to acomplish it without any hickups.