Headphone holder

May-June, 2022


My desk is made of warehouse frames and i wanted a place to put my headphones.


I designed a headphone holder that interfaces with the warehouse frames. this was the trickiest part of this short project. it took a couple iterations but after my third iteration, one finally worked.
The second crucial peice of this project is found in the 3d slicer. Print orientation was a crucial peice of this project becuase the wrong print orientation could signifigantly weaken my part as it could break along a layer line, and the correct print orientation could greaty increase the strength of my part.
luckily, i am no stranger to 3d printing and have lots of exsperiance with print orientation so this was a breeze which made this project relativly simple.

Post-project thoughts:

This is not somehting i say a lot, but i would actually improve the design of the part that interfaces with the headphones. While the part overall is fuctional, it lacks the design asthetics that are appealing to me.