Art project 1

January, 2023


I made htis project with the intent of submitting it to my highschools art maginzine, the Hickman Review. While i acomplished this, it was a last-minute project that in the end, ended up not making the cut.

As the artist, my art piece utilizes satire to comment on the relationship between money and the perception of Chinese manufacturing. By placing the words "made in China" on a stack of bills, I'm playfully suggesting that money and wealth themselves are "made in China," indicating that financial success relies heavily on Chinese manufacturing and economic production. I also aim to highlight China's global economic dominance, particularly in manufacturing and trade, by juxtaposing the phrase with money, symbolizing the interconnectedness of the global economy and how China's role as a manufacturing hub affects the circulation of wealth worldwide. Furthermore, my artwork critiques consumerism and the disposable nature of modern society. By associating money with the "made in China" label, I imply that our pursuit of material wealth often leads to the consumption of cheap, mass-produced products, potentially disregarding the value of craftsmanship and ethical production practices.


I made this design in blender. I knew i wanted this to do something with money, so i first looked up how to make a stack of bills in blender. i then tried to follow a toutorial and after a couple hours i finally had something presentable. Then i just had to figure out what to do with the money, but i quickly got some insperation. I was playing chess with my dad, and noticed the made in china sticker underneeth the chess peice and i said to myself "thats it!".

Post-project thoughts:

All in all, im pretty happy that 1, i was able to acomplish this project last minute and submit it before the deadline (night of), and 2, i like the meaning behind it and am proud of it even if it didnt make it into the magazine.