Youtube Challange: Moving Meditations

Augest, 2022


Last summer, i stumbled across a youtube video where the creator, Bad Normals, presented a challange: create a video based around a template scene he had made and turn it into a cool artwork. There were also preset animations you could choose from for a charecter.


Like i said in the background, there was a pre-designed scene with animations. This was my first blender project and i had never worked with or used animations at all before this so it was a steep learning curve.
I spent several days learning how to rig a charecter and successfully animate it in blender. By the time i had finished this, the challange was over and i didnt get a sumbission in. besides that, i still did a lot of learning. I even filmed a youtube video talyored to this challange for beginners like me who were new to blender and were lost. this video still has almost no hits but compleating the 'See one, Do one, Teach one' cycle is still a big acomplishment and shows understanding of the software.

Post-project thoughts:

I didnt get to submit my project. This, however, was not important at all since this challange has prompted me to go and explore this software that i had a newfound love for. So even thoigh i didnt submit anything, it was still really important for me to put a lot of effort into learnign something even if i didnt participate.