4d quaterion

December, 2022


Saw a video on youtube of a guy that was explaining what 3d fractals are, and it interested me. After some more reaseach, I came upon another video by BadNormals on youtube, where he explained how to make a 4d quaterion of a julia set and a mandelbrot.


After seeing this video, i attempted it. The first few times i tried it did not go well, and it didnt help that i was unframeriar with blender. After a few more hours of trying to learn the software and translate what i saw in the video to what was on my screen i finally got something that resembled the quaterion.
I was happy after i had acomplished this because it was very challenging and difficult doing the math and translating it to an unframiliar software alone, but also learning a new software well enough to do so too.

Post-project thoughts:

This was a good, day long project that i am happy with the results. I learned the basics of a new software that i found an intrest in and now use very frequantly so this was definitely a good project.