Lego rotary engine

January, 2023


I really like rotary/wankel engines and lego too. So i wanted to combine the two. I had not seen anyone else design a lego rotary engine so i went for it.


This project involved a lot of CAD design. I designed everything from scratch, and i also had to do all the math that allows a rotary engine to work. On top of all this, i also made it lego compatable and comparable in size to legos origonal piston engine.

As with all projects, design iteration is what takes the most time, figuring out what works and what doesnt. going back to the drawing board, adjusting the design, printing it out, testing it. rinse and repeat until you have somthing that works.
This was what made up a majority of this project. Due to this, I have around 10 different variations of designs for this project, each one with its own specific feature or design change.

The major jump in progress with this project is when i realized that i didnt need to have a gear interact with the rotor, i just needed the cam. this saved me a lot of time, and space becuase i could make the design more compact and efficent.

Post-project thoughts:

This project went really well, and it was relativly simple too. The main challange was with iterations and frequant design changes, but it was good for me to exsperiance this as this is bound to happen more with the increased complexity of my projects.