Stance Lego Lamborgini

March-May 2023


This project was born from my love of stanced cars and car culture in general. My dad got me this lego lamborgini set for 2021 christmas. it was only this year (2023) that i started to modify this set as i built it.


To start off with, i knew that in order to stance this i had to somehow add negitive camber to the wheels. I accomplised this by designing and 3d printing extended upper and lower control arms for the suspension, which gave me the desired camber.
I also wanted the ride height to be adjustable as well, so i designed an adjustable suspension system and new shocks, which is demonstrated in the video.
I designed and 3d printed all the gold peices that you can see in the pictures.

This project took me almost two months to complete. I had to design all of the modified parts from scratch, but the real challange of this was that all the parts i designed had to be compatable with lego technic peices. I also had to work around lego building techniques too, which proved to be challanging.

Aside from the stance and adjustable suspension, i also had to design and print some cosmetic parts as well. The front and rear fenders are 3d printed becuase the origional fenders would not fit.

Post-project thoughts:

After all the work i put into this project i am really happy with the results. Becuase this is my most recently compleated hardware project, it uses all of the skills that i have collected and hoaned over the yaers, which is why it turned out so well.
If i had to impove one thing, i would improve documentation drastically. i would film more videos of me explaining what i did during the beginning of the building process. This being said, i still took some photos and videos which is good but i definently couldve improved the documentation aspect during the beginning of the project.

Skills used: