Stereo knob

March, 2022


My old stereo knob broke, and i needed to replace it. I love the screaming hand from the popular skate brand Santa Cruz, so i designed a screaming hand in my CAD software, fusion 360, inspired by the screaming hand.


The first thing you have to understand is that this project is a partial success, you'll understand why in a second.
To start off with, I had to make my model interact with the stereo in a why that would allow the volume to be adjusted.
The main challange of this was due to a small peice of the old stereo knob that was stuck in the female connector so i had to design the male part of the knob around that constraint, which proved to be a challange.

Now back to earlier, when i said that the project was a partial sucess. The 3d printed part was too front heavy and as such after a while it broke off the male interaction peice inside the female connector on the stereo which didnt allow for another stereo knob to be mounted.

I also printed this in glow-in-the-dark filament, which is why in the second picture the hand has a bluish tint.

Post-project thoughts:

If i were to do this project again, i would focus on weight optimization and hollow out the inside of the part more to further reduce the weight. The part was printed using 15% infill, but i think that if i hollowed out the inside of the part i could reduce the weight signifigantly.

Skills used: